Clint Curtis

US Congress Florida 6

Clint Curtis
Candidate for US Congress Florida 6

Restoring America's Values

Integrity and honesty do mean something
This is an election based on values and whether we as Americans still believe in them.


Clint IS
The Change We Need


“Social Security should provide enough income so our seniors do not live in poverty” Clint Curtis

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Your vote is needed to help make a change and to save our values of freedom and regain our excellence in the world. We are a mixture of many faces, colors and creeds, that's what makes us a great Nation. 

Early Voting Dates
Lake County October 19th to October 31st

Volusia County October 19 - November 1

Flagler County October 19 - October 31

Vote by Mail "SEND" Deadline General Election: September 24 – October 1
Mail Your Ballot EARLY



Your Issues Are My Issues Too

I Have been fighting for truth & honesty in government and my law cases are centered around helping people, exposing government corruption and making sure your vote counts.

Social Security

Many seniors who spent their life working and contributing to Social Security find it anything but secure. Seniors should never have to chose between eating and medicine. The current administration has said it will cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Help me stop them. 



Elections should be fair with every vote being counter where it was placed. No rigged systems. Politicians who support flawed or illegal activitied need to be held accountable. Elections have consequences.

Our Mission


I want to strengthen democratic institutions, support civil society and enhance the law and judicial independence. Hold politicians accountable and make certain your vote counts. 



We cannot do this alone and ask for your help. Now is the critical time for us to be involved in shaping our future. Join me in any capacity you can, help me win so I can continue protecting your rights in Washington.

Some of The Issues We Are Facing 

Social Security should provide enough so seniors do not live in poverty
Government employees work for us and should be held accountable
Insurance companies control healthcare and make it unaffordable
Everyone should to go to college without the risk of crushing debt
A family should be able to live comfortably on a single income
Immigrants are an asset
Veterans need to rely on a fair evaluation
Russia should not be allowed to pursue its worldwide evil
Voters must have their vote properly counted
Integrity and honesty really mean something
America is more John Wayne and not Russia

Speeches Against
Voting Fraud


Volunteers Wanted


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Clint Curtis Represents You

Candidate for US Congress Florida 6
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Please Help Us By Volunteering

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Get involved by contributing to my campaign. I will always defend what is right and now what is right is deperately needed.

News about Clint Curtis

Clint Is A Defender Of Justice & Our Rights As American Citizens

Protecting Our Right To Vote

A whisle blower who believes in the "right thing to do" & integrity along with honesty. He places his values (his true American Values) ahead of all else. 

An Interview During The Pandemic

The Orlando Sentinel did an ninterview with Clint using Zoom. Here are the questions and answers from Clint Curtis.

Clint Curtis starts congressional campaign targeting TSA - Florida Politics

Democrat Clint Curtis kicked off his campaign for Florida’s 6th Congressional District Wednesday by denouncing the Transportation Security Administration as inept and corrupt.

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You can make the world better and support real American Values by donation. Let`s do it together!



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US Congress
Florida District 6 


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